Boo Boo’s Bargain Basement Band @ 1444 Market St.199

Ahhh, 1444 Market Street!  Dennis Peron’s Cannabis Buyer’s Club in 1997, boy does this picture bring back memories!

This photo I think was from one of the Compassion Saturday events that were held while we were waiting to re-open the Club.

The Club had moved from a smaller location to the 1444 Market Street location, dubbed the “Five Floor Felony” by the Feds then was closed after a raid.  But they allowed the political offices to remain open, so the Prop 215 campaign continued.

The building was the perfect size, six floors actually if you counted the basement, and housed not only the bud bars and brownie bar, but space for activities-like the Compassion Sunday gig pictured here, NORML meetings and so much more.

People from all walks of life, with the commonality of the use of medical cannabis, all converged on this location and some pretty amazing things happened….not the least of which was the passage of Prop 215.  We also did a lot of studies on the different strains of Cannabis and their effects on various symptoms, educated the general public and just plain supported one another when needed.  It was not unusual to see people hugging.

I sure hope something like this happens again sometime….we need a place with all that space, to make everything needed happen.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New 1444…..for Dennis, for patients and for hope. 

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