S. F. Patients Memories

Randi and Jack with Kitty @ S.F. Patients’ Co-Op 2005

Today it hit me again, that old memory tidal wave…thinking about the Co-Op.  There was so much good going on there, it breaks my heart that such a place doesn’t exist anymore.

At least to my knowledge.  If anyone knows anything different, any where in the world, please let me know.

Mind you, there are some very specific elements about the Co-Op.  It was patient owned, patient operated…we were very concerned about the people we served because we were the people we served.  We weren’t in it for the money, it was actually set up as a legal, secular nonprofit service agency. 

We encouraged creativity, community and compassion….actually our motto was Compassion, Hospitality and Service…and we took it all very seriously. 

Anybody out there doing this sort of thing?  We sure need it!

The picture enclosed is from one of our many functions, I think this was an Open Mic (which we held every Friday night). 

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