Golden Gate Park Waterfall  by rcw

Time passes, sometimes too swiftly for us to notice and other times far too slowly, almost painfully.  Just yesterday I was 12, 19, 30…..now I am 55, still working on making dreams come true.

In days gone by, fifty five meant that a person should be thinking seriously about their retirement finances, not still working on goals…but that was then.

Now, we are much younger than our predecessors….fifty five is more like thirty, thirty more like twenty and so on. 

My younger years were interrupted by mental illness, but I’m not crying about it!  To the contrary! I am grateful to have so much more experience under my belt…I am ready to work and understand the value of concentrated effort.  I’ve seen it work in my own life, repeatedly.

Miracles do happen, but we have to be ready for them…ready to accept them, and the responsibility that accompanies them. That’s the part we humans tend to forget; I know.  I’ve forgotten that aspect of miracles in life, and am trying to rectify that now.

 Gratitude to the Cosmos isn’t enough, though it is a good start.  We have to nurture our miracles, keep their energy alive in our lives, cherish their existence and tithe for those less fortunate whenever possible.  That doesn’t always mean money; a kind deed goes a long way.

But anyway, for today Fifty Five is the New Miracle….just look around, they happen every day!

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