Second Wave

Moon Scape by rcw – one of my earliest pieces

It’s late or early depending on your view of things…I’m sitting at the desk in our music/video home studio, enjoying the night and the solitude.  I’m one of the few people I know who really enjoys solidude, and when coupled with a sleepless night-well I’m pleased as punch.

The world is quiet, nobody needs me for anything and the phone won’t be ringing unless it’s a emergency. The only things to make it perfect are a good cup of tea and a small bit of that which takes some of the ache away from the bones. Considering both items are at my disposal, life is good.

There’s got to be about 100 of these blog entries so far, that’s got to be some sort of record for me. True, there have been a few dates missed here and there…but knock on keyboard, this project seems to be moving right along.  I’ve gotten a chance to look around the internet a bit too and am happy to see so many of my generation out there!  Can you just imagine how the ’60s would have been if computers were as prevalent then as they are now?

Gee…that makes for interesting thinking.  Feel free to comment on it!

I can’t answer for anyone else, but my activities might have been slightly different…perhaps more focused; honestly I wasn’t always playing with a full deck back in the day. The whole movements scenario would have been significantly different! All the radicals and revolutionaries would have been blogging away; their latest gatherings and actions streaming across YouTube….wild.  Would it have made things more intense or more commercial?  Perhaps it’s better we didn’t have these things back then.

On the other hand, I’m sure they’d still have driven the Further bus around, but they’d have had a website about the cruise and would have had outrageous video! In a matter of fact, I heard somewhere that Further was out on the road recently. I’ll have to dig around for some online video.

It’s interesting to imagine the possibilities…what would have been different, what would have been the same…

Some think our generation was a big waste of time. We get put down by people like Glenn Beck who think we were immoral. lazy, unpatriotic, drug addicted unwashed spoiled children who didn’t know our butt from a ditch.  I hate it when we get slammed like that.

We were doing some of the most patriotic things possible; using our Constitutional Rights and our Civic Responsibilities to change the direction our nation was heading.  Sure, we had a good time along the way….we had a lot of steam to blow off.  Yes, some of us experimented with many things….drugs, sex, art, fashion, music, you name it!  The whole era was about exploration; look at our space program!

We discovered things about ourselves and about the world, and about the universe….if it hadn’t been for us being so “Far Out,” people like Jobs and Wazinack (sp?) wouldn’t have come along and geeked the world into personal computers.  Ours was an important generation, a generation of action and innovation. We weren’t afraid to ask questions-and usually stayed around long enough for the answers.

Anyway, I could go on and on about us Baby Boomers…looks like I do a lot of that in this blog. 🙂
But I am getting a little sleepy, so will sign off with this:
For today, Fifty Five Is The New Second Wave- because that’s where we’re at right now; on our second wave…riding high!.

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