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Seconds Out

“Goddess Takes A Joy Ride” by rcw (Fractal) 

Fifty Five Is The New Seconds Out today…anyone who is a fan of the group Genesis may recognize the title as the live album from the ’70s.  That’s kind of how it feels today…so I cranked up the turntable and put on some tunes.

Been learning to transfer my vinyl records to CD or DVD so they can be enjoyed anywhere; but if truth be known I am and will always remain a vinyl head.  There’s just something about each ping, pop and skip…even being able to remember a particular scratch for the moment it happened…sad at the time but bittersweet in retrospect.  CDs can’t offer that.

Oh, they do get scratched and skip horribly…but not in the same way.  And remember how you used to put either a dime, penny or nickle on the old needle head to weigh it down and “play through” the skips?  Those were the really, really old days.  I wouldn’t do that now, but some of the really old records in my collection-mainly the 45s-have evidence of that sort of thing.

Of course, there’s the bit about having to get up and “flip sides,” on vinyl…some folks have those automatic or “changer” turntables.  They were really popular back in the ’60s and ’70s, but by the late ’70s that sort of thing seemed to be falling out of favor and was replaced with components, quad systems and high tech turntables, specialized stylists and all sorts of gizmos.

I know, because this vinyl collection has followed me through all these changes. There are record albums here from when I was a mere pup; some 45s too.  And of course there are some things from before my birth-the ’78s…only a few of them left unfortunately, a couple of them are really old Edison’s-brittle as slate!

When Diane and I first moved to California, a dear friend kept the albums for me…then there weren’t quite so many.  Once we were fairly settled, the dear friend started sending them to us.  Little by little the collection grew…from a trifiling 200 to a considerably larger number…each one a memory as well as a bit of music.
Looking back, it’s unbelievable that the collection hadn’t gotten lost through all the years and changes.

When the Down With Vinyl campaign was going on, I dug in my heels and refused to trash my stash. Some people called me crazy, and they were right….crazy smart.  I knew vinyl would make a comeback because the most important thing about music isn’t just the sound, it’s the SOUND. There is quite a difference between analog and digital.  If you’re used to digital only, it may take some getting used to…and  the whole listening experience is a bit more hands-on, but I think its’ worth it. 

Anyway, looking how life twisted and turned, one would have thought the vinyl be the first thing to go when the going got rough, but somehow they were just too important to me…little time capsules set to music.

When Jack and I lived in the school bus, Diane took charge of the collection. By then she was housed and spoused and got the chance to enjoy them like the old days when we were roomies. Once we were “inside” again, the records came back to me; it was great getting reaquainted wiith so many old friends!

Diane is gone now; Ovarian Cancer took her after a 13 year battle and I miss her horribly. We used to love listening to music while we worked on our various projects, or did yoga, or cooked. From our Tenderloin apartment that kept getting broken into week after week after week to the Edwardian flat I finally landed in about five years ago, music was always part of what Diane and I did together.

She is/was the greatest friend anyone could ever have…and although her body is no longer walking around, I firmly believe she is here with me sometimes.  Like right now, with Seconds Out on the record player, just like the old days.

So for now, Fifty Five Is The New Seconds Out…in honor of Diane, my friend and guardian angel.

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