Ever find yourself walking around with the distinct feeling that your head was securely up your hind end, and the only thing keeping you from running into telephone poles was sheer dumb luck?  That’s me today, in triplicate.

Not like the day was awful; to the contrary!  Most folks were going about their business with smiles on their faces….birds were tweeting….flowers blooming, and me…..with a case of cranial rumpitus! Can’t seem to say or do anything right, everything-even my hair growing seems to cause friction. Gee whiz!

Today should be a write-off…there should be a refund of the hours spent in it!
But-I am not going to look at today like that.  No.  These hard days are there for a reason…what doesn’t kill us makes us strong….all those words of wisdom.

So for tonight Fifty Five Is The New View-no longer with my head up my ass, at least able to see where I’m going.

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