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The New Student

Being fifty five doesn’t mean I’ve stopped learning; quite the opposite! These days we’re learning quite a lot about so many things….enough to make the head spin!

Been learning a lot about posting our music and videos online….and boy! Is there a lot to learn!  In many ways it’s much better now than it was when the urge to “get it out there” first took hold.  That was about a million years ago, when I was still a wee thing. 

My family was a talented lot; dad tickled the ivories, all us kids (five of us) made some kind of noise on some kind of instrument and we sang five part harmony with ease…mom claimed to be the only holdout. But she sang along, so we figured she counted, too.

I’d imagine these days if one of those camping families heard us sing like the did back in the day, somebody would have had us up on YouTube and the calls would have started coming. No lie, some people used to schedule their camping around the time when our family was going to be there…at least that’s what we were told. 

Anyway, these days it’s great to be able to self-publish and self-promote. There’s a lot more competition, that’s for sure!
But  I thnk in the long run the “cream rises” as they say.

We may not be “cream” yet, but at least we’re out there trying, and learning, too.  They say learning keeps you young, and if that’s the case we’re aging backwards considering how much cramming we’re doing.

Otherwise, like everyone else we’re keeping a careful eye on purse strings and politicians…learning how to Rock On through it all. So for today, actually for every day, Fifty Five Is The New Student-as long as we keep learning, we keep living!

P.S. Some people have asked why I don’t do the number comparisons, like 55 is the new 20 and all that…when it feels right to do so, I do it…started out that way.  Who knows how the muse will inspire.
And thanks for the email.  Feel free to comment on the Blog!

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