Orange You Glad....yep

Beatles in the night…Sgt. Peppers with a backdrop of fog, of times when wonder was common as breathing.
Something happened between the patchouli and protest marches, between Kent State and Karma.

These days it’s easy to condemn the hippie movement and the ’60s.  We were accused by our parents back then of  being unwashed, shiftless, useless and without morals….now our kids and grandkids are calling us the same thing all over again. Everything evil in the world, it seems, is our fault.  And the accusations are getting worse-we’re being called “Godless” and “Communists.”

The way some people talk it’s like they want to turn time back to when men were men and women wore pearls while they waxed the kitchen floors all day.  Ugh!

This world is changing, drastically and fast.  Everything is going on at once, in epic…dare I say Biblical proportions. Our leadership systems are failing, our infrastructure is collapsing and we’re on the fiscal critical
list.  Is it any wonder insomnia is on the rise?  Me? I’m an insomniac from a real young age…actually love being that way.  But lately, my mind is too full, way too full.

So what can Fifty Five be the New of today, when everything is going to heck?

The Beatles are playing, damnit! Not the CD; Sgt. Peppers on classic vinyl. No cheap reprint, either.  My classic vinyl that I grew up with…there’s something good going on right now.
I’m playing  the Trick of Time, winding back to some good memory and bring that magic back to the present…and there we are! So for today, Fifty Five is the New today, wrapped warm and snuggly in a blanket of yesterday’s dreams.

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