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Four and a Half….memories of Dad

Today was Father’s Day….to all those Fathers, wanna-be Fathers, Father figures and so on-happy Father’s day, and on behalf of all kids…thanks.

My folks didn’t have it easy…there were five kids, two parents, assorted pets and for a five year stint a live-in Grandpa under the influence of Altzheimers.  For a majority of the time, it was a one paycheck family.   Amazing by today’s standards, pretty darned amazing by the standards of yesteryear, too.

We weren’t rich, not even comfortable….we managed.  We kids didn’t get allowances and did chores anyway….my sister, mother and I did the majority of the cleaning, bed making  and cooking; the boys did things like taking out garbage, cutting the lawn (a mere postage stamp), clipping the hedges…that sort of thing.

For most of his working life, Dad was a florist.  That’s no easy gig, not by any means.  Florists didn’t celebrate holidays like most people….they worked through them, all the way up to the last moment making floral arrangements for churches, funerals, grave yards, family gatherings and so on….along with the various seasonal fare like Christmas Trees, Lilies, Red White and Blue themed arrangements and so on….poor man worked and worked and worked….tried a short stint as an insurance agent but went back to floral designing.  Never owned his own shop, though he sure could have.

Anyway, we were provided for.

Dad was one of those “go to it” guys….somehow he managed to be a Scout leader, a member of the Knights of Columbus and Judge of Elections for our local ward….there was always somebody looking for his help with something, and he gave it lovingly and humbly.  There was a lot to learn from that man!

We didn’t always see eye-to-eye….actually we came to blows a few times, but he was always and will always be my dad.  He passed away a few years back, one of the many afflicted with cancer.  After a fairly long battle he died; the church was packed at his service….people came from all over to pay final respects.

My favorite memory is of him teaching me to swim.  I was a small child, and it didn’t take much water to get over my head.  Just knowing he was there helped….then he showed me the magic of floating and my fear vanished.   That guy could float like a cork!  And he taught me how, too!

Anyway, for today Fifty Five is the New Four and a Half….reminding me that life is a big pool and I’m in it to swim!

  1. June 21, 2010 at 1:17 am

    My dad tooo taught me how to swim since he’s a good swimming.

    • June 23, 2010 at 8:06 pm

      Dads are very special people. They should be celebrated more than one day a year. Thanks for commenting. Hope you enjoy the blog.

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