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272 phase one

Today we venture into the WayBack Machine a la Peabody and Sherman….remember those guys? ….and the whole Rocky & Bullwinkle crew? Now that was edutainment at it’s finest! Not just stupid lampooning and cartooning for the sake of a timeslot; there was some pretty heady stuff when the lines were read between!

 From Boris and Natasha to Fractured Fairy Tales and Aesop’s Fables, my childhood was enriched by their stiletto one-liners and double meanings.  Who could forget the parody of Sleeping Beauty? The Mooseberry Bush and Upsidasium?We used to be graced by these cartoons on Sunday mornings, 7 a.m. i think it was….right before church.

Our church, St. Cyril of Alexandria Roman Catholic, had 9 a.m. mass for the school kids-1st through 8th grade.  Mom and Dad piled us into the car most Sundays, unless Dad was at work….which, as a florist meant most Sundays leading up to holidays.  Otherwise he was there with Mom, clean shaven and smelling like Old Spice.

Right before Rocky & Bullwinkle they had the old Davey and Goliath puppet show….kind of creepy, a puppet dog talking and all that. There was always some kind of trouble that Davey, the kid, would get into.  I forget if the dog, Goliath, instigated things or tried to talk Davey out of things, but his Dad usually came along to clean up the mess.  Of course there was always a moral involved.  For me the moral was simple….soon as Davey’s Dad tied things up and everybody laughed, the show would be over and my heroes would be there; Mr. Know-It-All, Captain Wrong-Way Peachfuzz, Bullwinkle’s Poetry Corner and his famous Hat Trick. 

Naturally i was always ready for church well before the Davey and Goliath show ended…smiling secretly when some commented on my zealousness toward sacred preparations.  And who’s to say Rocky and Bullwinkle weren’t every bit a sacred experience as all the other things that happen on the Sabbath- what ever you consider the Sabbath to be.  Even if you don’t consider the Sabbath at all.

Today i got a chance to see a few of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons and they brought it all back…Sunday mornings a million years ago.

So for today, Fifty-Five is the New 272, the address of my house on the street where i grew up… attending Whatsamatta U every Sunday morning before church.

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