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Eternity with Old Friends

Drum Circle 1996 by rcw

Old friends are life’s truest blessings…they know how to pick you up off the floor when all heck’s broken loose, and how to pull you back to earth when your head strays too, too far into the Nether regions. Since our last Blog visit, i had the chance to spend some quality time with one of my very special, long-term friends. We caught up, we laughed and sipped Margaritas on her back yard deck….stretched out on chase lounges like two ladies of absolute leisure.

We talked about our dreams and how they changed through the years, our goals and which ones we attained…we talked a great deal about getting older and sounding more like our parents every day. We also talked about our concerns for the future. With so much going on in the world, uncertainty is a dish served at all gatherings and this was no exception.  My friend had just recently retired and was wending her way through the usual cavalcade of paperwork and calculating her post-paycheck budget.

My friend  sees this retiring business as a chance for a new start rather than an ending of life.  She wants to take up writing-with her rapier wit and phrase-twisting ability, I’m sure she’ll do quite well. It’s inspiring to be with others who see life’s changes as opportunities rather than burdens or road blocks. Especially these days, when there are so many more “opportunities” than there used to be.

So, now I’m back home 🙂 .
I sure missed Jack while away, but it was good to spend a little time catching up, comparing notes….deepening ties.
I encourage anyone who can to go find an old friend and spend some time with them. Talk about a playlist! There’s nothing better than memories made and moments shared by kindred spirits.

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