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Way To Spell Relief

Just to catch up, i was worried about the planned take-over of the old Co-Op’s Permit at 350 Divisadero…and decided to attend the hearing yesterday, to voice my concerns. I know it’s fashionable to be stoic, to be apathetic…but i have this underlying faith in people…that if they hear the truth, they’ll know what to do.

For all the sleepless worry, over the past several days actually, my fears were calmed a bit when i got to City Hall….outside the hearing room, the corridor was filled with familiar faces; neighbors and merchants-people i’d come to know and love through the years. They were there to express their feelings, too.  Not that they were opposed to a medical cannabis facility opening at the old site, but that they hadn’t gone through the proper process.

It felt odd speaking against the place….me of all people!  (In case you haven’t noticed i wear medical cannabis leaves in my hair and sing songs like “Smoke A Joint Right Now and Change The World) I’m not exactly a non-supporter!

But some things just go that way….ironic, but that’s life.

To make a long story short, the new establishment has to get it’s own permit.  The City saw things for what they were and insisted on proper procedures. I feel sorry for the gentlemen wanting to open up at 350 Divisadero…sounds like they had an alternative business plan, so my hope is they proceed with it.

My closing remark to the board was that there needs to be a place like the San Francisco Patients’ Cooperative and Medical Cannabis Community Center because the patients, and the community needs it.

Okay….so i’m pretty tired for now…tired but relieved.  So for today, Fifty Five is the New Way To Spell Relief…as in J-U-S-T-I-C-E.

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