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Sound-The Boomer Beat

There’ve been a lot of changes in the world since our generation burst on the scene! Some might argue that each age has it’s own version of the stuff, but I’d beg to venture that back in the day….from the early  ’60s on through, ours was a generation inundated with change.  We had a different word for it though, we called it “Revolution.”

To many, everything we did at the time was part of the revolution-from our lingo to our fashion, and of course let us not forget  the music.  The music was the pulse, the driving force behind our actions.  Music gave our questions more than a voice, it gave them volume and at the same time a passkey to enter places where our thoughts would have normally not been permitted. 

Case in point: “Blowin’ In The Wind”   Tell me where that song has not been accepted?  I’m sure there are a few, but during a time when much of what we did was considered subversive, “Blowin’ In The Wind” was an ice breaker.  Sure worked in my Generation Gapped family!  It was one of the first songs any of us kids learned to play on the guitar; my brother’s high school class had it played during their commencement ceremony…and it’s one that continues in rotation at family reunion jam sessions to this day.

By the same token, I just about scared my mother half to death the first time she heard Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady.” Yep…had to keep real low key on the psychedelic stuff, but she sure loved the Beatles…even after they gave up on the matching suits and relatively short hair.  Go figure.

Our generation’s soundtrack is phenomenal! All of our music speaks of a time of exploration and passion. 
It really bothers me when some people think we were just unwashed, spoiled children.  Not everybody lived off their allowances while attending love ins.

Okay, okay….so there were a few love ins, it was 1968.  What can I say?
But we also worked for peace  civil rights and women’s rights, went to war,  opened food co-ops, learned about the environment and so much more.  As I said, we had a lot going on!  No wonder our music was so great!

If you get the chance, go pull out some of the oldies and give a few of those gems a listen! 
And don’t forget…..
Rock On!

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