>Early Summer Memories

>June in the afternoon.

About a million years ago, this would have been one of the first official days of Summer Vacation from school.

No more pencils, no more books…..except that one year I went to Summer School in an effort to learn math and graduate into the next grade.  I didn’t really learn anything unfortunately….as usual the class room was overcrowded, and besides-how’s a kid gonna learn anything with all the other kids right outside the window having fun?  Didn’t seem like the way to do it, at any rate.

We also had something we called “Making School,” where we learned to braid lariats, draw, make potholders and other hand crafts. I used to love going to that, ’til I got too old.  But even then, they let me in for an extra year or so because I was so short they thought I was younger.

See, shortness does have benefits, too.

June back east was a hot, sunny time….sun suits and swimming pools; and as I got older riding my bike ’til I got lost then finding my way home.

For tonight, I’m lost in memories….so Fifty Five Is the New Early Summer Memories, I got a million of ’em.

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