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Sky Drum by rcw

What’s your favorite Fifty Five?  A car? A year? A number?
Is it a favorite address from days of yore that carries the double-nickles through your memory?
To folks reading this blog, Fifty-Five must seem like a lot of different things to me, and you’re right.
It seems to change almost daily for me…depending on experiences, inspirations or memory triggers.

So what about today? What’s it all about?
Well, I could go on about the news, plenty of material there.  But no.  I’d rather not.  We all know what’s going on, we’ve heard everybody’s opinion about it-from the head of the country to the guy pushing the broom.  I’d rather not.

For today, for right now, I am going to play that game I call the Trick Of Time.  I’m sending my mind back to more innocent times to pull forth a memory….a bit of sanity in a world gone mad.

It’s summer….sticky, hot, east coast….suburban Philadelphia sticky hot.  I am about ten years old standing next to my hand-me-down bike; a blue and white Schwinn Girl’s Bike with 26″ tires.
I’m only about 4’5″ at the time, but that’s okay…the bike has been adapted best as possible for my stature and the rest is all in the finesse.

Anyway, I am standing near the gas station wall at the bottom of our back alley…waiting….it is almost time.  Little by little, others come to join me. We stand in little groups….some talking quietly, others continuing a game of “Fee Fi Foe, Shoot.” Some of the younguns are getting impatient, their older siblings tell them to shut up…it’s too hot to argue.

Then, just as we’re thinking all hope is lost, we hear it….the tinkling bells, the unmistakable sound of the Ice Cream Man! I smile and watch as the little white truck is besieged by every kid in the neighborhood…you’d think the Beatles were in town!

I survey the brightly colored menu selection of treats offered; cones, popsickles, fugsickles, sidewalk sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, dixie cups…which to choose? I finally decide on the ice cream sandwich, make my purchase and pedal away to my favorite perch up on the hill next to the rail road trestle…and there I sit, eating my ice cream sandwich….happily satisfied.

For today, Fifty Five is all about the simple things in life…..about being happily and thankfully satisfied.

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