Some of my blog entries, like this one, were hand written on sheets of paper as I was not near a computer at the time or was just too danged lazy to go through it all.  In fairness, anyone who may be reading these tomes on a consistent basis might notice that once in a while a seemingly “new” entry is placed within an old date line. Well, there you have it! I confess….I am not on the internet every waking moment. 

Rainbow Ridge by rcw

It’s the beginning of June.  As a young kid it meant no more school….days of playing and sun suits, Lansdowne/Alden public swimming pool and lots of ice cream. We’d wake up fairly early and get our chores done, make sure it was okay with Mom-I’m sure she didn’t mind us being out of her hair-put some air in bike tires and be off for the swimming hole!

It wasn’t very deep, maybe two feet at the most, but in that East Coast humid heat it was heaven!  We’d meet up with friends along the way, the girls would gossip while the boys raced ahead.  “Don’t forget to pick a spot UNDER the trees this time!” I’d shout to one of the fellas. They never did; we girls always had to find the perfect spot….we also brought the towels, Coppertone and snacks.  Once in a while one of our crew brought along a transistor radio and we’d all sing along while eating peanut butter sandwiches under a huge oak tree near the pool.

We were all too young to be serious about the boyfriend/girlfriend scenario at first but gradually, as swimsuits replaced sun suits and bodies matured, the boys didn’t race ahead so much and the girls had more to gossip about.

So for today, Fifty Five is the new 6.1 as in June first…for swimming pool games and sun tan lotion memories.

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