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If the People Lead …..Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is here;  marking the beginning of summer and begging us to recall the sacrifices of those who gave their lives for this country. No matter what your politics, what your point of view…the fact remains that these fallen troops and individuals gave their lives for something bigger than themselves, and bigger than us.

I was carving my adolescent teeth in the ’60s; it was an intensely angry yet at the same time innocent era. We were very much part of what was going on;  peace marches, moratoriums, love-ins and flower power.
A psychedelic blend, to be sure!  I’ve waxed poetic about it before, and am sure each generation has it’s version of the Good Old Days; the 60s were just a little wilder and with better drugs.

Most generations have had a war of some sort or another….one wonders if we will ever learn to live in peace, or in at least a form of placid tolerance.  I believe it is possible.

I already posted “Trick Of Time” a couple days ago, so instead I’m going to post “If The People Lead,”
which is how it should be….”If The People Lead, The Leaders Will Follow”

IF THE PEOPLE LEAD Boo Boo’s Bargain Basement Band

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