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The New News

Life is sometimes like a bowl of cherries…other times it’s like a chair of bowlies….know what I mean?
Upside down, backwards and inside out….it arrives at the doorstep some mornings like a disheveled newspaper thrown hap-hazard under a bush, then peed on by the neighbor’s dog.  But hey, I’m not complaining, we all gotta pee, it’s just why all over a defenseless newspaper?

What did it ever do?

Perhaps it didn’t tell the whole story, or minced words or was biased or just completely ignored that relative of Godzilla that’s been bashing ’round the town.

Now, I’m not just talking out of my hat. For a while I wanted to be a reporter…even edited an international rock ‘n roll “fanzine” for a few years. Having spent a few semesters dallying around in creative writing and the school news paper, I was taught with the ethics of journalism and reporting.  We were told to always check our sources, have at least three independent sources to check facts, and the most important thing-to remember that we held the public trust in our hands.

Even though it was “just a fanzine,” the publication was operated on the same principles.

With the internet and so much Tweeting, IMming, FaceBooking and  YouTubing going on, journalism has taken on new meanings. Newsworthy no longer means “news,” it simply means “attention.”

There are good and bad points to all this.  On the good side, self publishing is so much easier…on the not-so-good, most news shows have taken on the appearance and (to some extent) content of Entertainment Tonight.

We deserve better than that. News should be more on the raw side…al dente is even too soft!

No matter what….change the name, add fiber and fruit filling…even dress it up in a brand new package….pablum is still pablum.

So for today, Fifty Five is the New News….we could sure use some.

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