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New Student (And Boo Boo’s Bargain Basement Band Caffe Greco Video)

Thanks Riki for capturing us at the Caffe Greco’s Poet’s Gallery gathering.
The Poet’s Gallery meets weekly in North Beach, on Mondays they gather at the Caffe Greco and it’s a lot of fun.  Philip Hackett is there, complete with stories of the old days, and sometimes some of the old Beat Poets come by….great time.

About the song “Trick Of Time” – it was written around 2001, there were a lot of changes going on at the Co-Op….and meditating on good memories was a great coping tool…and a great song inspiration.

Anyway, being fifty-five for a little over a month doesn’t qualify me as an expert on the subject, not by any means.  All I can do is live it day to day and hope for the best. I have noted an increased number of “reflective moments,” where I question whether this live has been a supreme waste of time or something worthwhile…you know how it is.

Bottom line, I think it’s okay….regrets? A few. But not enough to cause a melt down.
Enough to seek improvement on a daily basis…enough to keep humble….and PLENTY to learn from!
But that’s how we know we’re still alive, eh? Still able to learn.

So for today, Fifty Five is the New Student, because that’s what we all are….students of live, cramming for our final exam.

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