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How Far Do You Wanna Go?


HOW FAR DO YOU WANNA GO? A song by the group “Gloriana.”   We wanted to enter their video contest but a series of major mishaps and a learning curve caused us to be too late to enter. But we made the video anyway.  Here it is at long last!

What does it mean to Fifty Five being the New?  Okay! The dream IS coming true. Sure this video ain’t perfect…but it is a milestone in our progress as a group, as videographers and as part of just being creative.

Since I was just a wee bit of a thing…alright you guys who know me, more of a wee bit of a thing….I wanted to be doing creative things…writing, drawing, acting, playing music…whatever.  For a very long time it was put on the back burner, allowed to come out once in a while but for the most part relegated to late-night writing or the occasional greeting card.  In 10th grade I was finally able to take art classes, get involved with theater and music and just generally blossom!  Chee-wow! It felt good to be alive!

I remained creative all through the many moods and moments of me; probably the thing that kept me going-along with the powers that be…and that’s the truth. 
Please…people if you are raising kids and they show a creative streak, encourage it! Don’t make them think they’re wasting time by doing what they do best! Please! Nobody should have to put up a fight in order to pursue a career in art or music or literature or whatever.  How many computer programmers do we really need?  How many foot soldiers?  Aren’t our kids worthy of more than that?

I grew up hearing the old adage “Children should be seen and not heard,” to which I had the audacity to reply “Then why did you have them?” That attitude didn’t sit too well with some of the folks, but hey. You gotta admit it was a fairly brainy response for a kid who was probably only about eight at the time. C’mon now! Snappy come backs are a sure sign of a creative mind….my mouth still gets me in trouble.

Anyway, so now I’m livin’ the dream. It ain’t easy…broke most of the time, things a little edgy bill to bill but as someone said recently, “You’re living authentically.”  Okay.   Poverty is pretty authentic.  So’s music and all the rest.  And I’m glad and grateful to be doing it! Besides, Mac & Cheese ain’t so bad if you jazz it up a little.

For today Fifty Five will be all about How Far Do You Wanna Go……because there’s only one place, really…only one answer….all the way.

To love, with love from love 

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