>People Catnip

>Wylie’s been chasing a toy up and down the hallway for several minutes.  It’s really fun, watching him scamper about.  He’s not a small, delicate kitty….quite the contrary!  Our boy sounds like a dog, galloping after the ball of paper I made for him earlier.

The fact that I put some catnip makes Wylie especially happy.

Hmmmm….if cats have catnip, I’m sure other animals have things that make them get a little “high” too. It only stands to reason.  I mean, the scent of a flower must send bees into some sort of trance, and maybe even a little inebriated.   I’m sure there are other examples of this phenomena.

So the obvious question should be something like:
If inebriation is so common in nature, than what’s wrong with people finding a little catnip of their own once in a while?

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New People Catnip….purrr, purrr, purrr.

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