>Retiring Age

>A month since my birthday….where is fifty five leading me right now? 

A little too soon to tell in some ways….the whole thing is still so new.  What I am realizing is that there’s a different expectation level once one reaches this age.  Folks think your supposed to be mature and making sure retirement plans are in order.  That’s what they tell me on television.

And they’re right.  And I do wonder what will happen to me as I age….physically not so much-I’ve already got arthritis figured out and my teeth  are already rotting so I’m at least doing something right. But as for retirement plans, I never thought about it.  Not that I never thought about my needs for the future, I just never thought of stopping my work.  Why should I?

There’s still so much left to do!

Of course I’m not being paid to do any of it, so stopping or not doesn’t effect my wallet.  But it would effect my mental stability.  I’ll just keep busy ’til I drop….much better for sanity.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Retiring Age….not yet! I’m way too young for that!

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