Have you ever been asleep then woken up suddenly?  You check around for signs of an earthquake, a break-in, a fart or other loud noise….then you’re awake all night, wondering why? 
Well, don’t consider it a problem…use the time! You’ll be surprised at how much you get done, or how soon you fall back to sleep.

I delight in those opportunities to be creative while the world around me sleeps….and am grateful for insomnia. When everything is quiet, songs of the muse can be heard.

Last night, sleep decided to pull the plug. I awoke suddenly, looked around for evidence of anything, then got out of bed and into my head.  It was a good journey; flipping back through the years old, flickering movies…at first they went by fast, then slowing to 1997 and 1444 Market Street….Peron’s place.

Echoes of everything….laughing faces, music, marching, the sound as hundreds of patients made their way up the stairs and elevator, meeting friends and new friends on the third or fourth floor, being able to medicate and feel better-at the same time sensing everything as electrified with knowledge that the feds could raid us at any time-and that we were prepared for that eventuality…Dennis and John at the helm, their staff of 115 or so patients making it all run like a fine-tuned Swiss watch….the crazy times too….the not-so-undercover federal agent cars parked across the street filming and watching everything we did, and us pulling faces at them through the windows in Dennis’ office….those were the days!

Back then we understood that our use of medical cannabis was more than a decision to use an alternate form of medicine, it was a revolutionary act-no less critical than Rosa Parks on the bus or marching across that bridge into Selma.

A few things have changed since then….Prop 215 has been upheld, other state and local laws have been implemented to shore it up and more states are adopting similar policies…but we’ve lost something in the translation, something we need to rekindle; the revolutionary spirit.

We’re not out of the woods yet; far from it! The political tide is spinning like a whirly-gig!  What was once considered open minded is now considered un-American.  It’s like some people want to turn back the hands of time to a simpler era; complete with Donna Reed’s string of pearls and dress.

It’s frightening when one thinks of the possibilities.  Read “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

No matter what, you can’t grow virginity back and a surgical implant isn’t the same thing.
We have to insure that our tomorrow IS tomorrow, not yesterday…and that means keeping our sleeves rolled up, staying in the trenches and fighting; even if we’re tired.

So for today, Fifty five is the New Movement, in honor of what the Cannabis Buyer’s Club stood for in the bigger picture sense-The Revolution continues.  Back to Work!

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