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Rules of Engagement

A medical cannabis facility was firebombed in Billings, Montana. I was beginning to wonder when the incendiary device fans were going to weigh in on the matter.
I mean, we haven’t heard about any abortion clinic pyrotechnics as of late and one might have thought the entire explosion oriented protest genre  had gone out of style…except for the jihadists, of course.
They are a special breed, unto themselves…part religious fanatic, part political pawn….hmmm….then again….

What makes people want to do that?  I understand passion; to a certain extent passion is an excellent motivator and means of expression. BUT! Shouldn’t there be a line somewhere? Acts like this are completely outside the realm of common decency.

According to the news story, there was a message left at the scene.
Simply put, it said “Not In MY Town!”  Oh yes….and Ka-BOOOOOOOM!

Now I’m sure they weren’t trying to infer that they owned the entire town….then again…..maybe they were. Some folks get weird when it comes to certain things.

There’s something called “a sense of place.” This sense also gets taken well beyond the norm by some people.  They move in to a town, or a building or a house or a job or a family and immediately start taking over; at first with subtle hints about what they like and what makes them comfortable-remembering to ask your opinion, for decency’s sake.

But after a while, the gloves come off and the tentacles fly out…grabbing and sucking and marking and claiming everything that isn’t nailed down.  No, I take that back….they claimed the nails and what’s underneath too.

I didn’t know Billings, Montana operated like that.  Big sky country, eh?

Well, I know one other thing about Billings, Montana.  It is part of America, and firebombing is against the law. Just because people don’t agree with one another doesn’t mean they have the right to use explosive weapons on one another.  That’s just plain ridiculous!

They sound more like al Quada than Americans.

Mind you, I didn’t like what the Weathermen did during the Vietnam protests, either….so I’m not calling things by a double standard.

Anyway, for today Fifty Five is the New Rules of Engagement….because we need some, because enough is enough.

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