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New Generation

Here’s a picture of us (Jack and I a/k/a Boo Boo’s Bargain Basement Band) filming and recording our song “Higher Ground” on 4/20/2010.  We wanted to have the whole thing done that day, released in time for 4/20, but life is life and it didn’t work out that way.  However, we will be releasing it soon!
And, we are also putting the finishing touches (finally) on our “How Far Do You Wanna Go” video…so things are moving forward.

The green background is part of our home made studio and is used for the process of chroma key photography or “green screen” photography.  We use it in our videos. It’s not too difficult, once you get the hang of it…but it sure took a lot of intense learning to get it. Looking back, through the swearing, tears, learning a new operating system (Mac-I’ve been a p.c. user mainly but I guess now I’m both)
computer crashes, messed up files and all the rest…it was worth it.

Goes to show what a person can do, no matter what their age.  My Aunt Virginia graduated college when she was in her late fifties (I think), and has always been an inspiration.  She passed about ten years ago, after living a full life.

Virginia was a lot like me…black sheep of the family with a fondness for Billie Holiday and adventures.
Aunt Virg’s choice of husband was in direct violation of her father’s wishes….and his wishes ran very deep. He wished Virginia to marry “her own kind.”  Translation: Irish Catholic.  The man couldn’t stand certain cultures, Italian being his chief pet peeve.

Blacks didn’t seem to bother him too much, maybe because he had worked with them in the mines…so long as his daughters didn’t marry one.  His words, not mine. But anything that remotely hinted at being Italian would be on the receiving end of a tirade of Biblical proportions.
The man couldn’t even stand to look at pizza.

Isn’t that odd sounding in this day and age? But only 40 years ago, those attitudes were still common.
We’ve come a long way, thank God, but there’s still a long way to go.

Prejudices seep into our lives like water on a cracked pavement. We don’t even realize it sometimes, then suddenly the conversation is shifted to a certain group of people who, it is perceived, cannot drive right or are lazy or what ever stereotype is being used at the time.   It’s not as pronounced these days with so much political correctness. There’s a lot of it that a child can pick up through an off hand remark; and these off hand remarks happen often.

My grandfather (also my Aunt Virg’s dad) probably got his prejudices from his father, who probably got it from his….and so on. Prejudice, like family jewels, seem to get passed down. Fortunately for my brothers, sister and I, we were born during a time when all the old ideas were questioned.  We were allowed to, by virtue of our generation’s numbers, look further into what was being shoved down our throats and reject what didn’t seem right. I feel very lucky to have grown up during that time

So for today, Fifty Five is the New Generation….because that’s what we are!  We’re the guys who were standing at marches, sitting at sit ins, questioning everything and changing the world….and we did it once…..surely we can do it again.

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