>Stripes NOT Stars

>Politics is like underwear, it never stays clean long enough but still usually gets worn far too long.

As long as we continue to accept a government that operates under rules of engagement rather than under rules of responsibility, we’ll never get anywhere…..fast!

Our present fiscal situation is rotten and getting worse, yet every single time they gather in Washington D.C. to talk about it, there’s nothing but political hype and drama, with the American people stuck in the middle. That’s blatantly wrong….a complete misuse of the power voters placed upon them. Just disgusting!

If Chef Ramsay was doing a government version of Kitchen Nightmares, he’d have everybody running for cover!
Sure wish we had somebody like that in D.C.!

For today, Fifty Five Is the New Stripes NOT Stars, because we need to apply ourselves to the tasks at hand rather than continue running political beauty pageants.

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