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It Is What It Is

Isn’t it funny how the more control we try to take over certain things, the less we actually get?  Also, isn’t it funny when we try to put our interpretations on a person’s actions and end up waaaay off base?  It’s like, the more we try to throw our own colors on the canvas the more life comes along with the fan brush and glitter just to remind us that we’re NOT in charge.

When it comes to this life, I’m not really the boss, it doesn’t all end with me and my desires.
A great deal of the time it has bloody little to do with anything I want at all.  That’s when I really get pissed. Like, gee-wow! Aren’t I worthy of having every dream come true?

Oh, I know…lots of talk passes on this blog about dreams coming true, and they do.  But that isn’t all there is to life. Can’t be, because if that’s all it ever was then why are we still here? Haven’t enough of us had at least one miracle in our lives? Is it enough to be satisfied, or should we build bigger mountains to climb?

Being satisfied is good……being adventurous is good too.  A person can be both at the same time. Nothing wrong with that at all.  In fact, I think that’s what we should do a great deal more often than we do….be adventurous and be satisfied too.

And maybe then, we can learn to let go…not try to be the boss so much as the explorer….learn to take life once in a while on LIFE’S terms….take it on as it presents itself, full Monty and no make-up.  Learn to look at things, people, events, what have you for who or what THEY are, rather than glomming ourselves all over their presence so that the only thing we see is our interpretation.

It is what it is.   Nothing more, nothing less, no strings attached and no translations….I wonder if it would produce more or less peace to go around like that….hmmmm.  It is what it is.

Well, for today anyway Fifty Five is just that…..It Is What It Is, each to their own.  To me, to you, to us…It Is What It Is.

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