Ta Do

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful Birthday wishes, and many happy birthday wishes….and love….back at everyone too.  

Been a little busy around the old homestead lately…lots of things needing attention, lots of projects to complete. Glad that the audio is done and am trying to get more on the video in between other “gotta-do’s.”  They seem to always outweigh the “wanna do’s, ” but at least there’s always “sumthin’ ta do”.

Sometimes I wonder if the choices made in this life were the best ones possible; after all, I’ve not massed a fortune or become a successful anything. Most people measure the worth of a person by what they’ve gained either in social stature or riches. If those are the only two categories-well I’m pretty much not even in the running.

But I have had an abundance of miracles, experiences, friends and even a few plum opportunities that perhaps make up for any deficits to pedigree or purse. Mind you, not all the experiences were easy…some have been downright mind-bogglingly painful but in the grand scheme of things, it’s been a phenomenally textured, wonderfully flavored existence…spiced hot like curry,  sweet like coconut, smoky like incense. Like Thai food. For that I am truly grateful.

What is life, if not to be completely and utterly lived…savored, enjoyed and celebrated? That goes for good times as well as bad, because they’re both part of the same dish; flavors layered and entwined like a great lasagna.  Veggie or regular, that choice is optional.

In one of the birthday emails, I was asked if I had a “Bucket List.”

Other than the music, art, writing, video stuff?

I’d like to spend some time with my son, with my family….now that there’s time to do it I hope to do it sometime soon.

I want someone to open a facility like 350 Divisadero was….in a bigger space so that more services can be offered and people can honestly see what was trying to happen.  Before I kick the bucket I want to see a place like that functioning for the patients.

I’d like to see cannabis legalized correctly, the commercial adult responsible use taxed correctly and the medicinal use not taxed. I’d like to see all international trade and commerce laws changed to reflect this, and would like to see hemp grown commercially for not only ingesting for therapeutic or recreational use, but for industrial use as well.

I want us as a nation to stop being what it’s being right now….political for the sake of being political. There’s gotta be something better than stabbing one another in the back while strangling one another-figuratively speaking, that is. I’m tired of everything being a contest over who’s getting what done-Republicans or Democrats or whoever! We should be working together as people, not shouting at each other from pulpits. Anyway, I’d like to see that before kicking the bucket.

Can’t we just work together, even a little bit? I’m tired of Hannity calling the President of the United States “the Anointed One.” I’m tired of the disrespect shown to the office.  When Bush was president, I know we teased him…but we did so based on character flaws.  This stuff is different, it’s meaner…it’s intolerant and dare I say outrageous.

Mostly, I’d like to see us look around and realize that the only way we’re going to survive any of the great changes coming is to do it together.
Those are my main “Bucket List” items.
Otherwise? Oh, perhaps meet Alton Brown,  Stephen Hawking, go into outer space, surf, that sort of thing.

Anything else? The realization that our species can only survive if we work together…I pray we get to that realization real soon and act upon it swiftly.

So, that’s my “Bucket List,” and it even includes a celebrity. Anybody else?  Feel free to let us know your “B-List,” or how you feel about any of the things here in these “tomes.”  Either add as a comment or feel free to email me. Okay?

Well, it’s getting late/early, and I should lay down for a while.  On that note, we retire with the thought of Fifty Five being the new what? The new Ta Do, because there’s always “sumthin’ ta do…” even if it’s only working on our “Bucket List.”

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