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The New Coffee Break

Fifty-Five, Fifty-Five where are you today?
It seems the more I try to kick back, the more I end up having to do!  Isn’t that so with all of us?

Being busy has its good points; keeps the brain active and body limber and all that.  But jeeze louise!
I wanna have time to do all the things that gotta get done so there’s time to do the things I wanna do, too.
Wah! Wah! Wah!’ (sound of spoiled baby cry/pouting)

Oh well… This entry will be probably one of the shortest. But sometimes that’s how it is.
What Fifty-Five means for me today is simple…Fifty Five is the new Coffee Break! We’re all entitled to one, and should take one every few hours.
Cubicles are not meant for human beings…even if the cubicles are only in our minds, we’re not supposed to be stuck, hidden away and only let out at night…unless we want it that way, of course. Who’s going to argue with a vampire?

So For today we all deserve a break, we’ll take it!  Fifty Five is the new Coffee Break, and mmmmm! Don’t it smell delicious!

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