>May Day


Rainbow Opening  by rcw

May Day…..time to dance around a Maypole and act Socialist.

May Day can also mean distress….although for the life of me right now I can’t imagine how that came about.

May means Spring is soon turning to summer….when I was a kid it meant school was letting out soon and I’d be free to run off some of the energy that was pent up all school year.

I remember how the birds started sounding different as April faded….there were more and more of them, and more varieties of songs filled the air.

I always felt a little sorry for the pigeons, whose song seemed stuck in throat, and would feed them extra pieces of bread once in a while.  The other birds came around too, robins and sparrows mainly, and of course they ate as well.
None of the neighbors complained back then about feeding the birds.

These days, I’m not so sure I’d get away with it. Heck! Some neighbors even complain about the parrots, saying they squawk and it doesn’t sound pretty.  Well….neither does being bitchy. So there.

Anyway…..for today, Fifty Five Is The New May Day….spring into summer, memories to future….time moving on.

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