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Dreams Do Come True

Isn’t it wonderful to report when things actually do happen right?  It’s like a Disney moment, when all the forest animals come out and help Snow White clean the cabin….complete with breaking into song!

Well dear readers, and you know who you are, yours truly is happy to report success at last in the recording of our song “Higher Ground.”  While it may not sound like much on the surface, anyone who knows me or has been following some of these blogs knows that I’ve been wanting to record original music since I was knee high to a caterpillar.  (I’m too short to qualify for “Knee High To A Grasshopper” status, so bear with me)

Anyway, just waiting on Jack to come back from re-parking the car (a nightly necessity/urban sport combo that any big city dweller will understand) for his P.O.V., and if all is fine the I’ll try to sneak a preview in this blog for my special friends.  Keep your fingers crossed!

So, how does all this figure into the Fifty-Five Is The New….scenario?  Well, I guess it’s just that dreams do come true.  It takes a bit of hard work, and there’s a lot of griping that goes along with all that-griping and swearing, sweating and gnashing of teeth…but then suddenly, WHAMMO!
It happens. Most people don’t get the chance to experience half the things I have, and for all that I am truly grateful.

I’ve been very blessed in my life, there’s no denying it! Being finally able to work on our music, on the art and writing….MAJOR blessings, that’s for sure. But you know what?
It’s true…family matters even more.
So many miracles-and believe me, there is no other word for some of this stuff.
I’ve met my birth son, which to me is the biggest miracle of all. Everything else pales by comparison.

So in honor of my birthson and how he inspires me to keep on with it all, Fifty Five Is The New Dreams Do Come True!  Because they really, really do!

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