Been a few days….and that’s too easy to say.  I’m trying, after all, to do more than just blither about this and that on the internet. There’s more to this blog than mere writing of crap for crap’s sake.

This is a discipline…a way to break through the writer’ s block and other things that keep me distancing me from what I want to do.

Getting befuddled, caught up in getting caught up is one of those things for me. Don’t know if it’s hereditary or not…some of it comes up when depression hits so maybe. But what ever, this exercise is all about working through things, including befuddlement and procrastination.

Giving in to procrastination is not pro-active.  It’s not how to get things done.
So it’s back to it…time waits for no one.

Interesting note, that….time waits for no one.  On the one hand, it doesn’t but on the other….time is elemental to its surroundings, space/time speaking.

What does that have to do with Fifty five being the new anything? Well….time isn’t standing still chronologically, that’s for sure.  But what that amount of time feels like depends on a lot of different things.  When I was young, everything could be measured in ways that made me feel that time was eternal.  These days, it seems there’s not enough time for anything.

Funny to think of us Baby Boomers hitting this period of our lives right now…..sharing this moment, maybe going through the same sensations. I wonder how many of us are sitting around somewhere together,  sharing a sip or a toke or just a laugh….remembering.

Remember being alive in the ’60s?  I mean, really being alive. Feeling like we were living on the head of a bullet that was being shot into space, that kind of alive.  Hell, for a brief time it seemed everything we were doing was part of something bigger than ourselves.  This point of view is in direct contrast with views expressed by critics of the generation.  They’ve expressed the idea that we were spoiled, born with silver spoons in our mouths and just causing trouble.

Well, causing trouble helped bring about Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, the end of the Vietnam War, Earth Day,  Woodstock and incredible music and artwork.   Not bad for a bunch of dirty long-haired wierdos, eh America?

Sure, we’ve had some bad moments, too.  What generation doesn’t? 

None of us walks on water….at least not these days.  However back then, under certain influences anything was possible.  Who remembers raising the Pentagon?
I rest my case. 

So, you may ask, what’s the point?  What does it all mean?
Well, what did it all mean back then? 
 “I’m just looking for myself,” was a popular slogan back then and it still rings true today.  We’re still at it, though we might not call it that anymore.  But we are, still looking for who we are and what we’re doing in the grand scheme of things…just further along on the timeline.

So for today, Fifty-Five is the New Search- still at it.  Same old same old….same search different day.
Come out, come out…wherever you are!

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