>Woops!  Yesterday was 4/20 and I didn’t even mention it!
Goes to show you where my head has been.

Boo Boo’s Higher Ground  by rcw

Just a couple of years ago I’d have been running around like crazy, helping get the co-op ready for our annual 4/20 Health Faire.  Some have asked me if I miss any of it; the activism, the daily work with people….the working with cannabis.

Well, yes…I miss some of it a lot.  Mainly the working with patients, the activities and even going to City Hall or court to testify.   As far as the activism goes, still doing it….just a bit more one-to-one.

If anybody ever asked me to help them with another organization with the same motives and missions, I might consider it….but only if I don’t have to work in the procurement or financial department.  Just let me work with people, that’s what I do best.

As it stands, I’m fairly happy with the way things are right now….working with Jack on our music, our videos and our life.  That’s pretty good.  I’ll continue to work in the Medical Cannabis Movement, just a little more low key than before.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New 4/21….one day after 4/20…long live medical cannabis.

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