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Young At Heart

It was great getting together with my friends over the weekend. T, who Diane and I met shortly after we moved back to the City from L.A.(circa 1989-90), is an amazing person in general and a fantastic friend/sister in particular. We haven’t gotten the chance to spend nearly enough time together ever, so now that she’s retired there’s more opportunity. So we celebrate  holidays and birthdays, keep in touch and cherish each other. And her room mates are also friends of mine, so it makes even better for visits.

It’s hard not to think about our missing accomplice (Diane) on these weekend fun fests. We raise a toast to our buddy, share memories and wish we could hear just one more wise crack, one more peal of laughter.

I sure have been blessed with wonderful friends.

Anyway, yes I had my celebratory sip or two of bourbon, and you know…I don’t mind once in a while, but I said it before and will say it again, cannabis is where it’s at for me.  So on that note, it’s time for some shut-eye.  For today/tonight Fifty Five is all about Young At Heart.  It’s okay to go have fun, enjoy and feel as giddy and kiddy as you want to sometimes.  Especially if you have somebody to do it with!

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