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The New Aging Curve and Remembering a Warrior

Some days, even looking in the mirror makes one feel old! Where’d that gray hair come from, and jeeze-louise! crows feet?  Could I have been in denial this long, or did it all come on me over night like that other great event of my womanhood, i.e. the menses. Just when we think we’re over all that mess, along comes the wonders of aging.

Some folks are great at it, they’ve maintained their weight and ate rabbit food, but me…?  Well?
It’s been a few seasons between push-ups, and I’ll admit to an indulgent past. I’m overweight, don’t wear make-up, rarely get my hair cut, don’t shave anything, and have a double chin.  I take after both parents-mom on shortness, dad on roundness I guess.

T.V. is full of commercials about tummy tucks and liposuction, diets, pills and promises. And if none of those things are a problem, don’t worry-there’s always bad breath, dandruff and erectile dysfunction. Seriously!

Those personal products people really get on my last nerve, asking if I’m feeling fresh, if I’ve remembered to brush or if I’m tired.  Hey! I turned on the boob tube to escape my misery, not be reminded of it every five minutes by a guy with teeth white enough to see from space! 

I don’t mind looking my age…and if I’m feeling older some days, I’ll look that way.  By the same token, when I feel younger, I’ll look that way, too…maybe.   The baby boomer generation is now the AARP generation, and we have our own way of doing things. That includes aging.

BREAKING NEWS….Just heard that dear friend Jack Herer passed away yesterday. He authored the book
“The Emperor Wears No Clothes.”  Dear friend, warrior and inspiration….Jack, rest in peace.

For today, Fifty Five is all about the New Aging Curve…and also about memories of Warrior and Friend.


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