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Doin’ It With Friends

Well, I’m off for that threatened weekend with the girls to celebrate my fifty-fifth.  One missing face, Diane…gone now these two years.  Why does it strike me harder now than it did back when she first died?

Well, she fought Ovarian Cancer for 13 years…according to her own doctors that’s quite a record. It attacked her body, ravaged it continuously but she fought with conventional and unconventional medicines and kept living.
The last year was hard, as the disease breached her lungs…..She died on April 3, 2008.  I’ll be putting her artwork up on a website as kind of a tribute gallery.  She always wanted to have her own art show…now she will. So I’ll add the links once it’s up.

Anyway, she’ll be there in spirit for sure…parting with the rest of us gals. So I won’t enter anything in the blog ’til my return…unless, well. I’ll leave the computer at home anyway. Trying for a true weekend off is like I don’t know, looking for a needle in a haystack. But here’s to trying!

So for today, Fifty Five is all about Doin’ it with friends-taking the time to just enjoy after a long time of a lot of work.  Advice to everyone-go do the same.

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