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Fifty Five, Double Nickles Day

Red Remembers by rcw

Well, here it is…as promised, the anniversary of the day Lincoln was shot and the Titanic hit the ice berg. It’s here at last, and also happens to be my 55th Birthday.

A pause while I sip upon the bit of bourbon secreted away from the holidays just for this moment. Ahhhhh.

Bourbon is, to me, a civilized drink. Not saying it doesn’t have an uncivilizing way about it, speaking personal experience here. But once all issues are settled comfortably in their own skin and as long as no one brings out the drama toys, a good honest bourbon is a nice way to toast an occasion, or just sit back and enjoy the world for a few rounds. No harm in that.

My preference though is cannabis. Ahhhhh.

Nothing against delivery systems of the liquid kind, it’s just that cannabis not only elevates my mood, it eases my pain, helps with mobility, lessens tension in muscles and joints and eases the nausea associated with taking the ibuprophin (sp?) I take to help with all of the above.  So who says Cannabis isn’t a Health Care Issue?
This question needs to be raised in every town and hamlet, city and parish…this question needs to be raised and settled to the point of rescheduling cannabis as having sound, proven medical use.  This medical use should not be taxed. Patients and their doctors should not be persecuted or prosecuted.

There should be safe, affordable access to medical cannabis for medically approved patients AND these patients should also have access to not only their medicine but community centers in their area. In them, they can congregate freely, medicating while they take part in activities and services, hold meetings, memorials and events.  Actual real, live community centers just like any other special interest group’s community center…that’s the kind of thing needed.

Let’s not beat around the bush…so to speak.  I believe cannabis use, ALL cannabis use must be legalized. Note the word must, not should.  There’s a reason.

There’s been a great unbalance in the world since cannabis for all use was outlawed in the United States.  No, not just in the “vibe” (how California!), but in real concrete ways.  Look at trade and international relations. We’ve limited what the entire world is permitted to produce, thereby creating false high prices, shortages on goods produced and false famine.

Anyway, although I had my one shot of bourbon-thank you, tasty good…!  I am not going to sit around all night getting plastered…not that there’s anything wrong with that. Over the weekend I’ll be getting together with a couple gal friends and we’ll share a few cups, it’ll be great fun. But for now, I raise my alternative choice in a toast to the cosmos, to my parents, to my mother in particular who went through all that birthing….(oy!) and to everyone in my life, love and blessings to all! Happy Birthday.

For today, Fifty Five is the New Fifty Five, because that’s what it is to me right now…bright, shiny….new, right out of the box, and it even has batteries! So, without any further ado….
let’s take this puppy out for a spin!

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