>When we’re young, we all imagine ourselves as grown up and can’t wait to get there.

We demand people to treat us like adults, even try taking on parts of life that we’re way too immature to handle…modern day rites of passage.

I wonder how much better our society might be if we had actual traditions to help through each stage of development.  Like Native American cultures…..or even like scouting. 

It’s important to have good mentors for that sort of thing to work. 

Our society has them, and we sort of use them….to a certain extent.  I mean, I guess teachers are mentors, and the aforementioned scout leaders…..but there’s still such a “flying solo” aspect to growing up in this country….computer games are mentors now.  Then again, we had television, so is there really much difference?

Good question.

For me, right now Fifty Five Is the New Mentor….same as the old one only with better reception.

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