4/20 Reprise

Looked at the calendar this morning for the usual What Day Is It And What Am I Supposed To Do reality check, and noticed it’s only 8 days ’til my magic 55th b-day, but…even more important to me, it’s only 14 days until April 20th…a very important day in the Medical Cannabis Community.

Oh, I know…we could go there about Hitler’s birthday and Columbine and all that, but we’re not gonna.  We’re going to take this date and exorcise away all the evil demons with one great big cheer for cannabis! And for those of you who imbibe, accompany that cheer with a toke from your favorite delivery system! 

Honestly, cannabis has been known since Ever Since…used for food, fuel and fabrics. Medicinally speaking, there’s nothing like it for help with wasting syndrome, depression (yes…Sativa is wonderful for my depression), pain and so much more. 

Glaucoma’s eye pressure is relieved through use of cannabis. Headache sufferers find relief, too.

Its’ seed oil contains high levels of amino acids, so much so there should be no reason for starvation in our world. Hemp Seed Oil also helps with regulating weight. Some people believe it helps with joint stiffness and overcoming morning sickness. 

Anyway, I had a lot of first hand observation time…got the chance to see so many lives changed for the better through the use of cannabis AND interaction with other patients in a community setting. The two just seem to go hand-in-hand.  

See, just handing a patient some cannabis and telling them to go off to some designated area to use it is wrong.  Part of what makes cannabis what it is is the addition of the creative and social element. Cultures all over the world have been familiar with it forever.

First Peoples (Native Americans….what ever is p.c. this week) understood healing as a total thing…involving more than just popping pills and waiting for something to happen.

Cannabis encourages healing through sharing, interacting not isolating. There are documented studies all over the world decrying the negative impact of isolation on an individual; compound that isolation with an illness or disability and one can see the downward spiral into harmful behaviors just waiting to start.

It is good that California wants to legalize cannabis. It SHOULD be legalized, should have been legalized….NO.  SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN MADE ILLEGAL.  But we don’t have to quibble right now over what happened a million years ago.

What we DO have to accomplish is a PROPER legalization.  That means keeping in mind that not every person who uses cannabis is rich….and not every person who uses it does so for recreational purposes.

Some of us REALLY ARE patients…..poor patients at that.  We should not be made to pay taxes on our medicinal use….it’s already too damned expensive.  And San Francisco needs to stop including cannabis use in with its’ anti-smoking ordinances.  We settled that one back in 1999 with the exemption to Article 19F of the City’s health code, allowing for smoking (yes, the “s” word) of medical cannabis inside nonprofit medical cannabis facilities. 

It also means we stop interfering with international trade, start encouraging hemp production, release ALL Cannabis prisoners and begin retribution proceedings for all the losses suffered by those who’ve been persecuted and prosecuted through the years.

I know, “we don’t have the budget for it.”  Legalize the damn stuff and we will!

To my knowledge, that law hasn’t changed, though it seems a lot of people at city hall have forgotten about it.’

Medical cannabis patients aren’t patients, nor are they punch-lines for the latest “Cheech and Chong” comparatives.  They are people with real issues who’ve found something that works.  Would you joke the same way about somebody using an iron lung or AIDS/HIV meds or chemotherapy?

So anyway…here’s to Cannabis! And here’s hoping we legalize it the right way.

For today, Fifty Five is the New 4/20 Reprise…because April 20th DOES have it’s good points, and I’m going to go explore one of them right now.

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