>Disappearing Act


Randi at Mesa Verde

Been thinking about our visit to the Grand Canyon  and Mesa Verde.

I remember while there, being mystified by the beauty….but more.

At Mesa Verde, there were times when I’d sit off by myself ……I could sense the old souls who used to walk those paths…..could hear them beating corn or stone while youngsters scampered about playing at hunting.

These people seemed to find a way to live in harmony, at least for a time.  What made them disappear? Where did they go?

What can we learn from what  they left behind?  What they didn’t leave behind, too.

I worry about our country, our world, our species.  Are we doomed to become legends on the wind, like the Anasazi?  I wonder.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Disappearing Act…..is our society destined for the same fate as the old ones on the Mesa?

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