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Infinity Isn’t Only Skin Deep

Okay…we took the day off from writing and working on everything to get out and be in the sun.
We’d been working feverishly, helping a friend through a snafu…..Jack and I just had to not be near anything that required thought. At least while the sun was out.

So once we’d gotten through the local grocery store line with our few snacks, we headed out for Golden Gate Park and some al fresco sun beams. We drove to a few of our favorite spots, all crawling with people-like the whole world was playing hooky in our back yard! Then we settled on the buffalo (actually American Bison) area. None of them were out, so we sat there a while, playing guitar and mandolin before moving on.

The ocean called, becalmed after so many days of rain….sun glinting on the glass-like surface, its glittery dance interrupted by an occasional wave. We sat a bit, taking in the air and the scenery…letting it all wash over us…feeling the tide pulling our burdens out to the sea so the salt could break them down into a million little nothings.

Then we went home, renewed.

Fifty Five feels like that today, living inside a skin that’s been around long enough to know when it’s time to put everything on hold and breathe. To give that feeling any one number would be wrong, because the potential for renewal is a daily thing. So for today Fifty Five is the New Infinity….forever young and forever wise enough to know when to take the day off.

Oh! Someone asked where the artwork accompanying these notes comes from…well, from is a relative term, so how’s about “through, not of.” In that regard, yours truly….guilty as charged.

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