Today feels fourish to me today…I want to be a little girl again, able to be silly and sweet and not have any fears or worries. Gee, guess we could all say that, eh?

It’s just that sometimes this world is even too complex for itself, and here we poor humans are stuck in the middle of our own mess trying to deal with it all. Makes my head spin!

I mean, you gotta be on somebody’s side…that’s it. They say you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. Well, what if part of the problem is the people who claim to be trying to fix said problem in the first place. I’m talking about all elected officials who tow the party line rather than the desires of their constituency. And lying! Like a rug-no like a wall to wall carped covering the globe…now THAT’S lying!

And if they’re not all bad enough, the media gets ahold of things and jangles it all about ’til nobody’s sure what to believe.

It’s to the point where most sincerity is suspect. And that’s sad. Who are we to trust? Remember the old days when we had the Huntley/Brinkley Report or Walter Cronkite to talk us through it all?

That would sure help.
So for today, I think Fifty Five feels like the new four…I’m just going to go suck my thumb for a while.

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