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Seventy Still Swings

Fifty Five the new Seventy…
Is seventy the new fifty? Somebody said that to me recently, and they are probably right. Folks these days don’t look like the ages posted on their drivers’ licenses.

I remember as a kid I used to think that fifty was old and that seventy must be ancient. Little did I know I’d actually live long enough to get past the former and head toward the latter.

Aging is something you really don’t think about until you wake up in the middle of it. You go to bed one night feeling, looking and acting like a 25 year old, then wake up next morning…older. Some folks are lucky, they don’t get the gravitational shift on chin, boobs, arms, tummy and butt. Hmmmm…which planet do they call home?

Folks like me never were beauty queens, and in my case, aging hasn’t exactly been complimentary. Oh well.

Maybe when I am seventy I’ll have tucked a few things in, pushed a few other things up and moved several more things just plain off. Then again, probably not.

The seventy year olds I know are lively, and for the most part satisfied with who they are as people. They are concerned about things like health care, housing, what they are leaving their family. Some of them live full time in rvs, traveling around the country, always seeing something new.

That sounds like something I want to do, but I don’t want to wait until seventy to do it. I want it now!

So for today, for the itchy feet longing to be on the road, fifty five will be the new seventy….on the road and still swinging!

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