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Fifty/Fifty for Fifty-Five

Been running late, like the Rabbit in Wonderland….everything seems like it’s on slow down, which is a heck of a lot better than rushing around!

Anyway, better late than never….Fifty-Five-ishly figuring how to feel about the whole aging thing. Today, it’s been a mixed bag feeling. Some of me is just plain tired physically, some of me wants to get up and shake a tail feather. What is one to do with these contradictions?

Today Fifty-five could be about 50/50, and no one would probably argue with me. Just been one of those days, so much so that it has stretched into the next morning. But would that be cheating? Would it be taking the easy way out? Hmmmm.

Now, I am excited about all the work we’re doing on our videos and music. I’m setting up a separate blog or two about that and will add links and such. So there’s the up side of the 50/50 equation.

I’d imagine some of the low-level part of the 50/50 business is being just plain tired…lots of physical work, long hours under bright lights….yo, maybe?

If this blog is about my feelings on the subject, then it has to include these so-so days. so For today Fifty-Five feels like 50/50. Some of me feels it some of me just plain doesn’t. But as Scarlett O’Harah said in Gone With The Wind, “Tomorrow is another day.” (and you thought I’d forgotten about the Oscars!)

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