Was unable to get to the blog until now…what could Fifty Five possibly mean at this hour of the day?

Well, I have been thinking of my mother a lot lately. She’s starting to slow down a little at age 81. Her heart is experiencing some irregular beats, so they’re putting her on blood thinners and other medications. But other than that, she’s doing pretty good and is an inspiration to me.

When I was growing up, let’s face it I wasn’t the easiest kid to be raising. And my mom had a handful with five of us in that small row home! But she managed, along with dad, to provide for us.

The Generation Gap hit us, along with the Vietnam war, the Civil Rights movement, Modern Math and simple adolescent rebelliousness like a set of rapid-fire 40 footers off Mavericks! And none of us had ever surfed those waters before!

It was a rough crossing to say the least.

The thing that has sustained my mother through everything has been her faith.
Ever since I was knee high to a toadstool, Mom has been trying to teach us all about the power of prayer and everything. Now, we may have different belief systems per se, but I do agree that prayer works and that believing in something bigger than ones’self is a way to keep things in perspective…like, there are more important things in life than just my pet peeves!

I also admire my mother’s dogged determination. Through the years she was called The Expediter, because she always managed to get things done. Her and Dad were an unstoppable team at their church…flipping hundreds of flapjacks and eggs for the weekly Sunday brunches, working on various committees…always there when needed.

Yes…we’ve had our moments while I was growing up, and most likely this blog will be privy to a few details, but not right now. Right now I want to pay tribute to my mother, in her eighties…When I hit that age I hope I can be like her, a little slower perhaps, but still able to bust a move.

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