>Anniversary Waltz

>Two years ago, if tomorrow was February 29th, the Co-Op would be closing.  But since it happened during a leap year, I can only see that actual date every four years. The rest of the time, I can only look at a date that isn’t there…other than those misty once-in-a-whiles, like Brigadoon.

My heart still aches for what is gone…..for the sake of the patients, the community and even for myself.  The Co-Op was special, very special.  In fact, it really had no business being in existence at all – started by penniless patients who had a dream. 

Boo Boo’s Bargain Basement Band w/ Kitty at 350

But that’s how these things happen…the things that have no reason for being, but are.  Like the bumble bee…no earthly reason why it should be able to fly, but it does.

I don’t question the reasons for the Co-op’s existence…it was to help patients, and it was also to help demonstrate a principle, the principle of Compassionate Community Care.  And for all its faults, I think it accomplished that goal.

So for today, I’m going to think about the San Francisco Patients’ Cooperative and all those who helped make it go, and all those who came there to be together…and I’m going to celebrate in my own little way.

And for today, Fifty Five Is The New Anniversary Waltz….happy anniversary SFPC, your spirit will never die.

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