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Seventeen…too old to be a kid, too young to be considered an adult. That’s what seventeen was all about.
The “push-me-pull-you” assigned seventeen is a bad rap. Contrary to some folks’ experiences, to me it was all about anticipation and making ready for what’s next, whatever, whomever, however.
People were asking about my future plans, what did I want to be…they told me it was time to set about making those decisions. All I could tell them was what I didn’t want to be…I didn’t want to be ordinary.

Today Fifty-Five feels like seventeen….as we’re working on our music, videos and so on there’s a lot of anticipation/anxiety. Although I’ve been craving to do this creativity thing full time all my life, there’s a little voice inside trying to say “You’re too old. It’s too late.” Occasionally I almost give in…almost.
But then there’s the other voice-the one for which I am eternally grateful-that tells me “Nothing is impossible and you’re never too old.”
That’s the one I want to listen to…same one that, at age seventeen, told me to keep on keeping on.

As it has turned out so far, my life has been anything but ordinary, and for that I am eternally grateful. So for today, Fifty-five is the New Seventeen…for then, for now…and for the best being yet to come.

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