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Billions and Billions

Sometimes this Fifty Five comparison thing has little to do with ages, but we are talking emotions at any rate. Right?
So for today, Fifty Five is the new Billions and Billions, in honor of science-in particular physics and astronomy, in honor of Dr. Carl Sagan (who never really said that until his book with that title came out), and to the idea that the sky is indeed NOT the limit.

We can chain ourselves to the prisons we build or we can break free. It only takes a decision and the follow through. Some may think it irresponsible to have dreams.
“Dreams in this day and age…” I overheard someone saying on a bus recently.

Yep. Dreams. Damn those pesky things! But seriously folks, dreams are important…they are relative to our lives. They help us set goals, define our reality, serve as warnings and act as an amusement for erstwhile bored synapses.
It’s important not to block them, important to encourage them.

Dreams are the stuff of life, like breathing and water.

So for today Fifty Five is the New Billions and Billions…for all of our dreams and all of our tomorrows.

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