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0 0, Ut oh, O ho, Oh

Ambiguous, plain and simple, that’s what Fifty Five feels like today. How does one assign a numeric equivalent to that?
+/-? Nah! 20/20? Been done! Hmmmm….
Not having been 100 yet there is no comparison, though in all probability when that occurs I’ll probably slow down a little. But I have been a few ambiguous ages in the past…which one of them to choose from? (And do I REALLY wanna go there?)

No! I want a whole new ambiguosity! (who cares if that’s a word or not!) So for today, because they can do it in sports why can’t I do it here, Fifty Five will be the new 00!

I’m not saying Fifty Five feels like nothing, quite the opposite! There are sometimes just so many feelings splattered all over the spectrum it’s hard to isolate just one.
Sometimes it’s just better to appreciate the rainbow rather than only looking at the science behind it.

Some might say “Okay, but 00 sounds uncommitted…disinterested, cynical.”
Well, that all depends on your interpretation of 0. 0 can mean zero. It can also mean “Oh!”, or “O-ho!” or even “Ut-Oh!” Seen in that light, 0 has a lot more to say! And Double Zero has even more!

If we go waaaaaaay back to before zero was invented, we’d see just how important our old round friend is in our modern lives! Where would we be with out it? Where would our computers be without Zero? It could be argued that something else would have had to have been invented. This further illustrate the need for 0.

So for today, to me, Fifty Five is the new 00…ambiguous perhaps, unimportant? You be the judge!

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