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Rock A Bye Baby, Two

I do remember being in a crib and trading my bottle for brother Jim’s toy truck, and I recall something about teething. Mainly that it hurt, and mom put warm tea in my bottle, a memory that crops up once in a while when tea is brewed just right.
That’s what happened today. I have some pending dental work and that always puts me in a pensive mood. So I made some tea and caught a remnant of my past on the edge of my taste buds.

To be honest, I am not sure of my age at the crib or teething incidents, I think the bottle/toy exchange happened first. Whatever. It felt good to retreat to that place in time, to garner some comfort at the thought of my dental destiny (looming on the horizon tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.).

I really have nothing against dentists, other than the fact that they’re doing all that drilling, poking and filling inside my head…hideously close to my eyes and brain. I’m terribly fond of both. We’ve developed a great relationship through the years and they trust me not to bring them to any harm.

And I HAVE had a dentist say “Oooops!” as some dental tool came crashing down on my front teeth. In all honesty, I’ve also had some good experiences too. That’s why I still have my teeth….so far. We’ll see after this upcoming visit. Oy!

Anyway, for today I wanna feel warm and fuzzy…wanna feel wrapped in a blanket, safe and happy with my toy truck AND my bottle. So for today, fifty-five is the new two.
Hey! There’s nothing wrong with a little self-soothing!

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